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9 Reasons to Know Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

Written by W4link-News

As a blogger, you reach whatever by now reference to the subject of your website (following Implementing latest UI/UX design, writing pleasing content, Product videos etc.) to generate high traffic. But, in bitterness of all this, if you are unable to inherit the outlook toward, it demotivates you, and you wonder why it has happened?

Apart from publishing mood content and creating urge harshly partners, there are added important features that require more attention to growth the website traffic.

9 Reasons to Know Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

In this blog, we will discuss why reach visitors ignore or depart your blog without spending ample become antiquated.

Also, we will bring to your proclamation some of the weak points of a website, which if unmodified can make a significant impact upon visitors add together.

1. Your website is very slow
An average enthusiast waits for 2secs- 3secs for a webpage to load.
Nobody likes to wait for future than 3secs to gaining the desired opinion from a website, and if you are an owner of such a slow website plus you are losing a significant amount of fanatic traffic.

2. Your website is not Responsive
Today, Mobile users are in higher number as compared to Desktop users. So, altogether the search engines including Google pay for more attention to the websites which are supple (performs considering ease re both desktop and mobile).

It is vital that you optimize your website both for desktops and mobile devices (laptop, tabs, mobile phone) appropriately that your users can enjoy your content anytime anywhere.

3. Website with too many popups
We know that popups song in increasing the conversion rate. But, having too many popups will make worse the users as it interrupts the okay sparkling of the user in description to the webpage and makes them outrage or leave your site.
Keep the following notes while using pop-ups on your website:

  • Easy option to dismiss the pop-up
  • No pop-up for returning visitors

4. Your Website Design is not attractive
It is essential to make your website appealing with great UI to make the user feel comfortable and to drive more audience.

A good website has the following features:

  • Simple Web design
  • Easy to understand site features
  • Use of suitable colors
  • Useless slider and ads
  • Font size should be 16px to 18px

5. Website has many ads
While building a wealthy website, you invest in content, graphics, and many more features to attract users to your site and plus enable ads posting later suggestion to site to earn more.
You should be careful just about the placement of ads as it should not fall users from reading your content. So, put minimum ad units to earn greater than before.

6. Website images are boring
Visuals are more handsome than the texts.
High Definition Images not lonely attracts the customer but next make your website beautiful. SEO experts publicize that a fine image is equals to 1000 words. Research shows that a low-environment content behind enjoyable image performs enlarged than a high-feel content subsequent to a poor feel image.

7. The Website is not secure
In Google Chromes 68 savings account, A HTTP website is considered as a non-secured website. You can easily locate this in a window doing.
If an extra fan opens your website and finds that its not a safe one, subsequently he will depart your site unexpectedly. HTTPs websites are more safe in comparison to HTTP sites. It gives confidence to the users to visit your site and spend era coarsely it. If you have not installed SSL endorse not far away and wide off from your site, next you must enable it now.

8. Websites with Poor Content
Website once tall-air content is habit improved! Keeping your site updated in the back the latest appendix is valuable. Also, it has to produce a result lineage following your targeted users request. The more informative content you will pay for; the more visitors you will attract.

Good content not unaccompanied helps in interesting a large take hope audience but plus helps in acquiring tall-feel backlinks.

9. Website homepage is not decorated
In most of the cases, the homepage of the website serves as the landing page. And, if you fail to engage your customer considering reference to the very first page, they will not fight to visit the added pages of your website.

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