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Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate: You Need To Know About It

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Are you weary of bad ranking around Google Search Engine and agonized sensation to tote taking place your pages approach on the subject of Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP)?

Then one of the remedies lies in reducing the Bounce rate.

Bounce rate is following a visitor comes to your site to get your hands on the desired inform, but on the other hand of staying for some period, he or she leaves the page immediately . Also, many SEO experts pronounce that the bounce rate is, the percentage of visitors who apportion a flattering recognition your page and depart without clicking in excuse to any new pages.

Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate – You Need To Know About It

You can analyze the bounce rate of your web pages (Products pages or a blog page) in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tool. If you locate that the Bounce rate matrix is high, later it is an indication that your visitors are not finding your website content (blog, images or videos) tempting or engaging sufficient to stay serve.

Bounce rate is one of the major factors for webpage ranking going about speaking for Google Search Engine Result Page. So, it is snappish to save it as minimum as attainable.

How to be nimble Bounce Rate?

When we proclaim Bounce rate should be minimum, as well as how much minimum it should be, whether 1 %, 10% or 25 %?

To make it determined we have separated it into four parts:

  • 1% to 10% Most copious sites.
  • 10% to 40% Considered Good.
  • 40% to 70% Average
  • More than 70% Below average

Below, we are enlisting some common mistakes that bloggers make which leads to an layer in the bounce rate of their web pages:

  1. High website loading times
  2. Single Page Site
  3. Inappropriate Content environment
  4. Improper Internal Linking
  5. Lack of Call to Action (CTA) Buttons
  6. Outdated website design and template
  7. Non- nimble (Not compatible concerning Mobile devices along surrounded by tablet and phones)
  8. Un-catchy headline

How to reduce the Bounce Rate?

1. Appealing Website Design
2. Pay attention to Page Load Time
3. Write Quality content
4. Write Catchy Headlines
5. Increase Focus on Internal Link
6. Make your website Responsive

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